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James Waterhouse

Arcadia, CA, US
Trained on August 23rd, 2012
11 lifetime presentations


As a high-school drama teacher, James Waterhouse brings a passion and dramatic flair to his work. He became interested in climate science in 1988, when he first heard about the work of climate scientist, James Hansen and the shocking disregard and outright censorship with which his work was greeted in Washington. Since that time James developed an interest in the field nurtured by friendships with scientists from Cal Tech and JPL.
James has become an active member of the Climate Awareness and Action Movement during the past six years. Helping to organize groups and events with Tar Sands Action-Southern California, 350.0rg, and the Southern California Climate Action Coalition.
James co-founded the Pasadena Foothills Chapter of the Citizens Climate Lobby with fellow presenter, Robert Haw. Wife, Michelle and children, Bailey and Tristen provide the motivation, support and passion to restore our planet to the full beauty and grandeur of its' former state.

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Details: Re: LA Times Article "Experts warn climate shift threats rising," March 19 I for one am outraged. Scientific consensus is approaching 100% that human civilization is in danger. But our politicians choose to be fooled and intimidated by corporate lobbyists. The fossil fuel industry has spread lies to counter the urgent facts about climate change. It is particularly frustrating when the costs and benefits of transitioning to a renewable future are calculated. According to a recent study, a carbon tax in California, with the revenue returned to the public, would actually grow the state's economy. Furthermore, other studies have estimated that investing just 1% of global GDP in mitigation could stabilize the climate. Scientists are telling us that the economic downside of inaction may be civilization itself. Nature and economics favor adaptability. James Waterhouse
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