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  • New Trier East 1967
  • Michigan State University 1971
  • Interested in fishing, photography, scuba, swimming

Kent Taylor

Oak Park, IL, US
Trained on January 2nd, 2007
115 lifetime presentations


Kent Taylor is a long-time resident of the Chicago area and a frequent visitor to Traverse City, Michigan. While gaining both Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Michigan State University in the 70's, Mr. Taylor became concerned about our environment and took some of the university's first electives in environmental science. During that time he also became a SCUBA diver and a Water Safety Instructor.

While building and managing his business, Mr. Taylor began working as a volunteer diver/presenter at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago and did so for more than twenty years. At the Shedd Aquarium he lectured on coral reef ecology from INSIDE its 90,000-gallon Coral Reef Exhibit. He was the first such diver to bring focus in his presentations to the adverse effects global warming was having on the coral, a sensitivity gained through his frequent, first-hand observations of Caribbean reef deterioration as a diver and photographer.

Given his predisposition on the subject and learning that Al Gore was seeking volunteers, Kent eagerly went through a rigorous application and selection process with thousands of others to become a presenter for The Climate Reality Project. In late 2006 Kent was one of those initially selected to join Al Gore and the staff of TCP in Nashville for three memorable days being trained to give Mr. Gores famous slide presentation on global warming.

Since then Kent has given over 100 presentations all over the country and in the Caribbean. He has entertained and educated high school, civic, environmental, and professional gatherings including the U.S. Park Service with his personalized version of this famous slideshow.

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