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  • Motto: Perseverance Furthers - Livestrong!
  • Passion: Economy, Energy, & Environment
  • University of California, Berkeley

Ryan Runchey

Escondido, CA, US
Trained on June 26th, 2010
20 lifetime presentations


Ryan Runchey is a T-cell Lymphoma cancer survivor [10/2007 – 11/2009] and a grateful Make-a-Wish recipient meeting Vice President Al Gore. Mr. Gore’s passion, sincerity, and global leadership for decades on climate change activism inspired his passion for the environment. He became a certified Climate Presenter and a member of TCP's "Inconvenient Youth" in 2010. Since then he has made numerous Climate presentations to a variety of groups. Ryan founded the Environmental Science Club at Escondido High School, actively campaigned against proposition 23 in the 2010 California general election, and is a member of the San Diego Surfrider organization. Ryan is currently attending the University of California Berkeley where he double majors in Business Administration, as well as Operations Research and Management Science.

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